Why Does Chelsea Have a 3 on Their Jersey? Fully Answered!

Whether you are a new fan of Chelsea club or in love with this richest football club for years, you may wonder why does Chelsea have a 3 on their jersey? This article will explain in detail the deep meaning of the “Three” number on their jersey and why they still keep it after a big change in sponsors. Let’s dive in.

What is the 3 on the Chelsea jersey?

Many people are confused when they watch the first match of Chelsea seeing all the players wearing #3 on their shirts.  Not only fans from other teams but even many Chelsea fans don’t know the meaning of the number 3 on Chelsea jersey.

Why does Chelsea have a 3 on their jersey?
The 3 logo on the Chelsea Jersey

The number 3 on Chelsea’s jersey represents a sponsor. There is no deeper meaning else like rumors revealed. The “3” pattern is a HongKong based telecommunication company called “Three telecommunications”. This is one of the official sponsors of the football club. The company now operated in multiple countries including Hong Kong, Macau, Austria, Denmark, Indonesia, Ireland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. 

Three signed a three-year deal with Chelsea in 2020, in which, they sponsor around £40 million ($52 M) per season to the Blues.

Numerous businesses have sponsored The Blues since Roman Abramovich took over the club in 2003, including Fly Emirates, Samsung mobile, and even Yokohama tires. The Three Telecommunication company has replaced Yokohama Tires, another Japanese firm, as Chelsea Football Club’s sponsor.

Besides, Chelsea also has other sponsors that are represented on their uniforms like Nikes and Trivago.

Why is the sponsor deal for Chelsea on hold?

Chelsea sponsor requested to remove the Three logo from their shirt
Chelsea sponsor requested to remove the Three logo from their shirt

When it comes to the richest football club, Chelsea may be the first name coming into many people’s thoughts. The owner of Chelsea is a Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich. However, the situation recently changed. The government has frozen Roman Abramovich’s assets due to his ties to Vladimir Putin.

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After the owner of Chelsea was included in the sanctions list, the football club also encountered a lot of problems.  As a result, the club’s financial situation went worse. 

The bad situation might have a significant impact on Chelsea’s sponsors. When the sponsorship is on hold,  a significant portion of the club’s revenue sources and a potential sale of the organization decrease.

The Three. sponsor tried to distance themselves from the Blues. The payment of sponsorship was on hold. And they had requested the Blues to remove the “3” digit from their jersey.

Why does Chelsea still have a 3 on their uniform?

Though the Three. sponsor sent a request to remove its branding from the Chelsea jersey, we still see its logo remains for now. Why does Chelsea still have a 3 on their kit?

Chelsea still have a 3 on their uniform
Chelsea still remains the 3 logo on their jersey

Chelsea 3 logo still remains on their jersey because they don’t have the funds to change their uniform instantly. Because the financial situation is on alert, the football club has to prioritize other important things. Though they don’t receive sponsorship to wear the “three” logo, there is no choice else for Chealse Football Club but to keep it in their shirt right now.


Forget other rumors. You have read about the true meaning of the Chelsea 3 logo and got the answer why does Chelsea have a 3 on their jersey although the sponsor deal is broken?  Don’t forget to regularly visit ChelseaWiki to update on the latest news about the Blues. 

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