Why Chelsea play so good? Opinions of experts

Chelseawiki.org – For a long time, Chelsea seemed to have been forgotten on the English Premier League table because of the decline in their imperfect form in the previous seasons. Instead, experts all say that Manchester United is the leading candidate for the championship.

From “they can’t do it” to “why Chelsea play so good”

For a long time, Chelsea has always upheld the tradition of eliminating coaches deemed weak. Whether the fans have high hopes for the new coach, Chelsea will still come up with options that they think are good for their team. Chelsea is sometimes said to be fantasizing about its unreasonable expectations, but this tradition continues despite the displeasure of the fans.

Chelsea  club manager
Chelsea club manager

Why do they do that?

Any clear hierarchy between the weak and the talented is aimed at a single purpose: improving the quality of the team. The appointment of the best managers shows that Chelsea always has the ambition to achieve the highest level of victory in every season. Fast forward to the most recent season, it seems that Chelsea has decided to choose Antonio Conte to be the manager of the team with Tuchel Thomas – the main coach until now.

Expensive roster change

After Antonio Conte took over as manager, we had a very busy transfer window. Chelsea around £120m, to sign N’golo Kante, Marcus Alonso, and David Luiz. Conte had tried to apply the old Chelsea tactics and style of play before but the result was always a miserable failure, just look back at the match against Arsenal and it will be clear. Therefore, he tried to apply his favorite style of play to this new squad. And apparently, it worked, even though it was a risky choice. Besides, adapting to a tight training schedule and what Conte likes most about his players because it is an expression of hard work and discipline.

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Expensive roster change
Expensive roster change

He has used Marcos Alonso and Victor Moses as full-backs ever since. Alonso is a valuable Chelsea player when he believes in Moses more than all previous Chelsea managers who were always in the mood to transfer him to other clubs.

No one can beat Chelsea after they switched to a three-back play. Except for West Ham and Spurs, who have the same play style. With this squad, Chelsea has almost beaten most of the top opponents this season. He applied his tactics throughout the season – winning the ball in midfield with the quality of Matic and Kante, and using the pace of Hazard and Willian/Pedro in the attack. Not only that but disciplining Diego Costa to avoid the striker’s suspension will lead to a more positive change in his play.

Kante – Chelsea’s excellent pick this season

Conte’s choice is highly appreciated when he is determined by bringing N’Golo Kante – the best player of the season before Leicester to Chelsea, instead of the current top choice of England – Mahrez. Leicester only really realized the mistake of letting Kate leave the team and go to Chelsea. No one thinks that Kante is important enough for them now that they are struggling with every tournament even though Vardy and Mahrez remain. It can be said that Kante is the golden key to success for Chelsea this season.


With the ability to block the opponent’s attack and outstanding speed, Kante really deserves the title “The Engine” of the fans. The arrival of Kante makes it difficult for an outstanding player like Cesc Fabregas with excellent passing ability to play in the first team. It can be said that the participation of Kante and Matic has greatly increased Chelsea’s winning rate.

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Tactics – not participating in European football leagues

With the frequency of participating in European tournaments being significantly reduced – only 1 game/week has brought a lot of benefits to Chelsea in maintaining player performance for the teams. important season. Making the decision to select the current tournament has greatly improved the quality of their players.

Above are the experts’ comments to explain why Chelsea play so good this season. The excellent change in both squad and play has made fans once again put their faith in Chelsea and become a bright candidate for the title of this season. Let’s wait and see if Conte with the 3 – 4 – 3 squad and the bright “black horse” can beat Manchester United to win the No. 1 position in the rankings this season.

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