How Many Trophies Does Chelsea Have? The History Of Chelsea’s Greatness And Trophies

Chelsea Wiki – The short answer is a lot. Since Roman Abramovich’s takeover in 2003, Chelsea has steadily produced trophy after trophy.

The Blues cabinet, however, already had a few gleaming pieces inside it before the flood of his Russian funds. So, how much silverware has Chelsea’s men’s first team won during their history? Chelsea Has Won How Many Trophies? Let’s take a look!

29 – Chelsea Trophies Total, All Chelsea Trophies

The total amount of championships presently held in the cellars of Stamford Bridge is 29.

Chelsea Trophies Total
Chelsea Trophies Total

Perhaps the most notable is Thomas Tuchel’s side’s 2012 Champions League triumph, an iconic event that they want to recreate this season.

FA Cup

FA Cup triumphs account for nearly a quarter of the 29 awards. Chelsea has won the world’s oldest cup tournament eight times, the first in 1970 and the most recent in 2018. Last years final saw Frank Lampard come close to capturing the eighth, but Arsenal defeated him at the last hurdle.

FA Cup
FA Cup

Premier League – Chelsea Trophies History

Premier League is a football league in the United Kingdom. On five occasions, the Premier League has been wrapped with blue ribbons. Antonio Conte orchestrated the latest English top flight success, a feat achieved three times by Jose Mourinho and once by Carlo Ancelotti.

The Blues, on the other hand, had to wait 50 years to earn their second league title. Their first prize of any type came in 1955, and they didn’t repeat the feat until 2005.
Chelsea won the Community Shield for the first time in 1955, and it would return to South West London three more times.

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Chelsea proudly achieved two Champions Leagues trophies, one in 2021 and another in 2012. Away from the capital, the Blues have won the Europa League and the UEFA Cup Winners Cup on two occasions.
In 1998, they defeated Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup. Two decades later, two clubs are prepared to compete in the Champions League for the first time. Chelsea’s trophy cabinet is filled with trophies after another five League Cups.


Roman Abramovich
Roman Abramovich

Head-to-Head Statistics between Bayern Muenchen and Chelsea

Below is a complete list of all competitive matches between the two teams. This article compares Bayern Munich and Chelsea’s head-to-head record, covering the two clubs’ most significant victories and defeats and H2H statistics from all events. Up until now, the teams Bayern Munchen and Chelsea have played seven games.

Bayern Muenchen won four games (2 at Allianz Arena, two away from Stamford Bridge), and Chelsea won two (1 at Stamford Bridge, one away from Allianz Arena). Chelsea drew one (1 at Allianz Arena, 0 at Stamford Bridge).

Stamford Bridge
Stamford Bridge

The two clubs had previously played five games in the UEFA Champions League, with Bayern Munchen winning three, Chelsea winning two, and the two teams drawing one. The two clubs had previously played a total of 1 game in the International Champions Cup, with Bayern Munchen winning 1, Chelsea winning 0, and the two teams drawing 0. The two teams had previously played a total of 1 game in the UEFA Super Cup, with Bayern Munchen winning 0 games, Chelsea winning 0 games, and the two teams drawing 1.

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In Conclusion

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