Trevoh Chalobah Chelsea – The bright element in Chelsea’s squad

Trevoh Chalobah Chelsea has currently become a potential player in the Blues’ defense. Trevoh Chalobah has joined Chelsea since his age of 8. After several years of being on loan to three clubs, now he is back to the team. Moreover, the old coach Thomas Tuchel appreciated Chalobah’s performance a lot. Are you curious about him? The article below will give you practical information about Chalobah – the central defender at Chelsea. 

Chelsea Chalobah Trevoh profile summary

Chelsea Chalobah Trevoh

Trevoh Chalobah is one of the youngest players in the Chelsea squad. The English football star came to the club at the age of 9. Presumably, the appearance of Chalobah’s performances is impressive and can develop in the future. Here are some details about him.

Full name Trevoh Tom Chalobah
Date of birth 5 July 1999
Age 22 as of June 2022
Nationality England
Height in centimeters 190
Weight in kilograms 84

How old is Trevoh Chalobah Chelsea player?

The English defender was born on 5 July 1999 in Freetown, the capital city of West Africa. He and his family lived in the capital Sierra Leone before moving to England.

In particular, Chalobah’s brother Nathaniel both share a passion for football. Both boys were supported and accompanied by their parents throughout their development. Up to the present time, from July 2022, the young man is 22 years old with many ambitions and breakthroughs in the future.

Height and Weight

Trevoh is the tallest player on the team. Chalobah’s height is impressive at 190 cm and the weight is also relatively suitable at 84 kg. Looking at the shape of this central defender, this is definitely the right person for the squad in Chelsea’s upcoming strategy.

Good physical strength and short speed are the advantages that this young player possesses. This makes it easy for him to tackle counterattacks to move the ball flexibly with the opponent.

Trevoh Chalobah Current teams

Chelsea Chalobah Trevoh biography

Current team  Chelsea
Position Central defense jersey
Jersey Trevoh Number

Trevoh became one of the Chelsea Wiki since he enrolled in the academy when he was 8 years old. He has played through positions such as defensive defender, and central defender during training.

Since graduating in 2018, he also has had the opportunity to play on loan to Ipswich, Huddersfield, and Ligue clubs. In 2021, the Blues decided to raise the bar for defender Chalobah with a new contract until 2026. Currently, the young student has proudly worn the Blues shirt with jersey No.14. 

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Salary, net worth, and contract

Networth £2,620,800
Weekly Wage £12,000
Yearly Salary £624,000
Dates joined November November 4, 2022
Contract term 4 years 6 months

The Chelsea defender will be a bright star in the club that matures for nearly 5 years from a successful contract. He promises to have further breakthroughs than on his excellent Premier League debut in August 2021.


defender career

Before Chelsea F.C.

Achievements and individual awards

Following other defenders like Matt Miazga defender or Marcos Alonso Mendoza, Chalobah also won several notable awards.


Although not one of Chelsea best defenders of all time, his stable performance also helps him build impressive stats.


Trevoh Chalobah Chelsea news and rumors

The latest news 

Trevoh suffered an injury while playing against Liverpool in the Carabao Cup. At that time, the injury seemed serious but now he is healed and can participate well for the 2022-2023 season with impressive breakthroughs.

Trevoh Chalobah girlfriend

The defender is currently single. Perhaps, he is looking to develop his career at the age of 22. Moreover, a calm, enthusiastic central defender like him will soon fall in love with a sweet girl when appropriate. 

Cars & houses 

Chalobah Trevoh Car Collection

In fact, Chalobah only wore a Chelsea shirt in 2021, but the 22-year-old player has had certain achievements in the years before that. His life is also full of amenities with a luxury home in London, England, and his favorite car Mercedes Benz V8 Biturbo priced at more than $114,025.

Featured in Trevoh Chalobah’s car collection, he owns a black Mercedes Benz G63 with a price of more than 300,000 USD in 2021. This enjoyment is perfectly normal for him to earn around 750,000 euros a year.

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Football Playstyle

Trevoh Chalobah has professional ball movement skills that make opponents wary. Defender in 1999 made good use of his height and speed to combine with the team members. A new warrior with relentless effort intends to make breakthroughs in the new era.

The youngster is a figure who has given many performances that have surprised even a section of the fans.

Trevoh Chalobah Chelsea player is a well-recognized figure at the Chelsea club. The above article has partly mentioned information about him. If you admire this talented player or the Blues. Follow us at Chelsea Wiki for more great articles.

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