5+ Chelsea Rivals: Who Became The Blues’ Rivals Over Time?

Anti-fans said that Chelsea had nothing to define themselves. But it’s true the Blues has gone to success and gained good trophies. Chelsea becomes a fierce competitor with some strong football clubs and they also have their own enemies.  Take a look back at Chelsea rivals over time and find out who is the biggest rival for the London football club throughout its history. 

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1. Leeds United – the biggest Chelsea rival in the past 

Leeds United is one of Chelsea rivals in the past
Leeds United was a long-lasting Chelsea rival in the past.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Chelsea and Leeds United didn’t get on well with each other. They had a long outstanding rivalry and had the most controversial fixtures in the English football calendar.

The most physical matches between the two clubs happened in domestic and European honors culminating in the FA Cup Final. 

Sadly, the aggression between the two clubs led to some violent activities of hooligans after the matches. 

Luckily the rivalry between the two clubs died down because they decided to take different paths in the final after some relegation of both. After such a long time of rivalry, in a poll conducted in 2003, Leeds supporters ranked Chelsea as their second-biggest adversary after Manchester United. And in the memories of Chelsea Fan Club, Leeds was the biggest rival in the old days. 

2. Barcelona – the biggest rival in the international arena

Barcelona is the biggest rival in international arena
Barcelona – the biggest rival of Chelsea in the international arena

It seems strange to put two clubs from different leagues on the list of rivals. But since 2020, in terms of international rivals, Barcelona has been considered the biggest rival of Chelsea. 

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Chelsea and Barcelona have faced off 15 times, with each team winning five and drawing five. But according to the Champions League’s record, Chelsea and Barcelona have faced off only 12 times, with the Blues winning 4, the Catalan giants losing 3, and the teams drawing 5.

Probably, one of the most unforgettable memories was Chelsea and Barcelona head-to-head in the 2000 Champions League quarterfinal clash. It was when Chelsea felt that they were beaten unfairly by Barcelona and the hatred began.

When the two teams last faced off, it resulted in remarkable scenes as Chelsea was eliminated from the Champions League due to the away goals rule.

Few Chelsea fans will ever forget referee Tom Henning Ovrebo, who provided arguably the worst refereeing performance ever in top-flight competition. Iniesta’s equalizer for Barcelona in extra time crushed Chelsea’s hearts after they had four rather obvious penalty rulings go against them.

Although they blamed the referee Tom Henning Ovrebo, when mentioning Barcelona, Chelsea fans still don’t like it. 

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3. Tottenham Hotspur – a rival in London

Tottenham Hotspur is a Chelsea's rival in London
Spur is a Chelsea’s rival in London

Tottenham Hotspur is one of two Chelsea derby rivals. It is understandable that two clubs in the same city are hard to get on well with each other. They have natural competitiveness. 

Before the mid-1960s; Spurs, however, was the more successful club, having won the First Division twice and the FA Cup four times.

Meanwhile, Chelsea only won two major trophies in the First Division in 1954/55 and the League Cup during the 1964/65 campaign.

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Over 40 years, Chelsea and Spur had a lot of controversial games. Even more, the final cub lead two teams’ fans to more hatred and also had violent activities outside of the stadium. 

Then, the situation changed when Chelsea had an almost 20-year stretch of unbeaten games against Spurs in the league.

4. Arsenal – a rival in London

Arsenal vs Chelsea
Arsenal are Chelsea rivals

When it comes to the Blues’ main rival, many Chelsea fans think it is Arsenal. The friction between the two clubs goes back to the 1930s. 

Two clubs also had alternating success in the past, Arsenal in the 1950s, and Chelsea in the 1960s. and then Chelsea’s relegation and promotion struggle significantly diminished the rivalry. 

, With 13 First Division titles, 10 FA Cups, two League Cups, and a single Champions League runner-up finish, Arsenal outshines Chelsea in terms of trophies won.

Chelsea, in contrast, has won four First Division championships, 6 FA Cups, 4 League Cups, and was a runner-up in the Champions League once.

Fortunately, the competitiveness is only on the pitch, unlike their rivalries with Leeds and Spur. 

5. Liverpool – a rival in domestic leagues 

Liverpool Vs Chelsea
Liverpool Vs Chelsea

Chelsea and Liverpool also have a long-time rivalry. It was no geographical or historical rivalry. Their rivalry was one of English football’s most entertaining in the 2000s. What makes Chelsea and Liverpool rivals of each other? Learn more from Liverpool Vs Chelsea Rivalry Wikipedia: Long-Lasting Enmity

6. Manchester United – another rival in domestic leagues 

Chelsea vs Manchester United
The Blues and The Red Devils are rivals

There is no arguing that Manchester United was the most dominant force in English football during the Premier League era.

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But lately, teams like Chelsea and others have been vying to unseat United as champions.

In comparison to their rivalry with Chelsea, United already has rivalries that are much older and more enduring. Their closest opponent is Liverpool, while Manchester City is their local rival.

But compared to Manchester United, the fans appear to hate Chelsea the most. There are no underlying issues in this rivalry; it is purely about football. Thus, it becomes a more genuine rivalry.

You can see the emotion of the Blues fans during Chelsea vs. United matches, and they both root for United to lose and Chelsea to triumph.

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You have got the answer to the question who is Chelsea’s rival? Chelseawiki has compiled a list of top 5+ Chelsea rivals over time. If you are a fan of the Blues, leave a comment to let us know in your opinion who is the biggest rival of Chelsea.  Follow Chelseawiki to enjoy more information about one of the most famous football clubs in the world.

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