Top 10 Recent Worst Chelsea Players You May not Know

Worst Chelsea players ever is such a topic that Chelsea fans and the press talk about. Indeed, the players in the match have the responsibility to impress to honor the stature of the Blues. But for some unwated reasons, they lose their form during the season. 

The following article is to tell you why these players are in the Top 10 Worst players in Chelsea!

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Top 10 worst Chelsea players of all time

The Chelsea Football Club is regarded as a famous location for players in the Bristish of England. The top players’ efforts have elevated the Stamford Bridge team’s caliber over the generations. Along with the proud tales, there are those instances that fall short of their actual potential. The Top 10 worst Chelsea players ever are shown in the following.

Chelsea suffered a bit of a topsy-turvy when the squad changed under coach Thomas Tuchel in 2022. This inadvertently created a further gap between the Blues and Manchester City, Liverpool on the way to the achievement of Premier League Champion.

Current season

Romelu Lukaku

worst chelsea players 2022

Romelu Lukaku was the worst Chelsea player ever. In the summer of 2021, the Belgian striker stunned the media with a £97.5 million signing from The Blues. But this inadvertently put pressure on him because of the high expectations from this expensive contract. 

Romelu Lukaku does not agree with the direction of play in the Thomas Tuchel squad. Typically, in the first 90 minutes of the match against Crystal Palace, this player only had 7 touches of the ball including the opening serve. Although he did not have a single goal, the consecutive bad matches did not have a single goal.

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Jorginho Chelsea is the next worst player in Chelsea. He joined the national team in 2018 with a five-year contract. This seems to promise a bright future for midfield in the Blues. But in reality, he hasn’t used his full range of movement to keep his flexible ball. 

In defense, Jorginho was disappointed with quite a few defeats when he missed the chance to score. Typically, the Italian player who almost ruined Chelsea’s reputation failed in the penalty kick against West Ham at Stamford Bridge.


Kai Havertz

chelsea worst players this season

Put on the scale comparing the admirable achievements in the 2020/21 season, Kai Havertz can become Chelsea’s worst player in 2022. He is also known for his expensive Chelsea contract of £ 62 million. 

The contribution of the German midfielder this season has not disappointing when he was defeated by rival Leicester with a score of 0-2. This shakes his morale in the face of seasonal situations. Kai Havertz is not exactly the worst Chelsea player ever but if his form does not stabilize then he will most likely be on the list.

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Saul Niguez

Saul Niguez

Saul Niguez is a rookie who has the opportunity to start in the Premier League under coach Tuchel. But this match inadvertently made the young player join the list of the Worst Chelsea players ever. Perhaps, he needs to work harder to get rid of the blur on this harsh league football field. The Spaniard has not been aggressive and is still timid in each of his balls.

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Christian Pulisic

worst player in chelsea

Before being the worst Chelsea player ever, Pulisic was admonished to get back in form. The poor match series when compared to the pinnacle of 2019–20 is where the cause began. The American player is alleged to be slow and not handle the ball well enough in attack and defense.

Expect Christian Pulisic Chelsea to perform at a level comparable to the one he displayed when he stopped the magnificent goal in the 90th minute, assisting Chelsea to a 1-0 victory and bringing West Ham back into the top four of the Premier League.

Timo Werner

Timo Werner

Werner was also on the worst list of worst Chelsea players in this season. It is not by chance that this striker is called “wooden foot” by football followers. The German player has not been able to create many favorable transmissions for his teammates. Besides, he is also not performing to the best of his ability compared to the £49 million signing Chelsea is willing to pay. The play of this striker has not definitively accidentally missed the worthy scoring opportunities.

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Previous season 

In the following, let us read about the worst Chelsea players in the previous seasons:

Adrian Mutu

worst chelsea players 2020

Adrian Mutu is a player that cannot be ignored when talking about the worst player in Chelsea ever. He used to be the brightest star of The Blues at the time of 2003 with a value of 25 million dollars. The striker also contributed quite a lot of achievements to the team, but his fitness decreased, causing the player to leave after 1 year of signing the contract.

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Andriy Shevchenko

Andriy Shevchenko

Shevchenko is a striker who is considered to be one of the worst Chelsea players ever. The Ukrainian player is constantly suffering from injuries and his opportunities on the pitch are limited by the excellent Didier Drogba. Perhaps, the short playing time at The Blues has partly shaped the new direction for this player.

Shaun Wright-Phillips

who is the worst chelsea player?

Shaun Wright Phillips continues to be the name that is said to be the worst player at Chelsea despite being sought from the club. His contribution was constantly being substituted during his 3 years with the Blues. This shows that his form is not worthy of the treatment received.

Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata

Morata is the last player in the list of the Top 10 worst Chelsea players ever. In 2017, he joined the Blues from Real Madrid on a £57 million contract. The Spaniard was disappointed by self-destruction from a penalty shootout against Arsenal. That match was a lackluster and disappointing turn of events for the striker.

Above are the Top 10 worst Chelsea players ever. Hopefully, the players stabilize well to regain their professional status. If you’re interested in Chelsea, follow us at Chelsea Wiki.

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