Swedish Chelsea players: former warriors since 2010

Swedish Chelsea players are young stars who come to London to play alongside teammates from other countries. Across generations of players, the Blues pride themselves on former players on the field.

The following article will upload for you the names of the list of Chelsea players from Sweden since 2010.

List of Chelsea Swedish players since 2010

Do you want to know who Chelsea’s greatest Swedish player ever is? The table below is their background information – legends from 2010.

Player Age Years Position Height Weight Nationality Market value
Joseph Colley 23 2015–2019 Centre-back 187 75 Swedish €300Th
Ali Suljić 24 2013–2018 Defender 189 78 Swedish €250Th
Isak Ssewankambo 26 2012–2014 Defender 179 80 Swedish €400Th
Marko Mitrović 30 2008–2011 Forward 189 85 Swedish Not update

In general, all Swedish stars mentioned above joined the Blues in their youth careers. In this era, their maturity and breakthrough are a solid foundation for the long way of football. The connection of the Blues to the players from the North Sea has always been a ” best chance” to support them with playing experience. This is a big mark on the journey to each big and tough tournament, such as the Premier League.

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 Let’s take a look at the 4 Swedish players who have played for the Stamford Bridge team below

Joseph Colley (2015–2019)

Joseph Colley - chelsea swedish players

Beginning the list of Swedish Chelsea footballers since 2010 is Joseph Colley. He has been playing at Stamford Bridge since 2015 in the position of defender and center-back. The star born in 1999 has participated in the main position throughout the Blues U19 team matches.

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Although the Chelsea player hasn’t had the chance to play for the first team yet, he has already contributed several achievements at his young age. At a certain stage, the Swedish center-back also left his shirt to find a place of his own. He did not continue to sign an official contract at the Blues but chose to join the Serie B Italian team Chievo. It is known that this transfer is in the form of free.

At the beginning of his youth career, Colley was not outstanding at the Blues and more. He was only impressed by several performances with good dribbling techniques in the U19 team. However, young talent is more clearly developed in the next doors. Expecting in the coming future, fans will receive his 2nd comeback in The Blues when it’s ripe enough.

Ali Suljic (2013–2018)

Ali Suljic

Like his Swedish countryman at Chelsea – Colley, Ali Suljic is a senior who joined the London team 2 years ago, specifically in the period 2013–2018. Growing up as a stopper in the Blues squad, the youngster always plays with enthusiasm in matches against his teammates. He was one of the mainstays of Chelsea Under-18s along with the Under-18 youth players in the Premier League season with an impressive 23 appearances at the time.

With the belief of finding glory at Stamford Bridge, Ali Suljic is determined to show his talent in the U21 team and then go up to the first team. At that time, this Swedish player not only caught the eye of the Blues but also the “owner” of Manchester City and Arsenal. A young star like him is very suitable to play professionally for the Premier League. Admirably, at a time when talent is not waiting for age, Ali Suljic proved with his debut in the first team debut for Motala in Sweden’s Second Division.

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Other Chelsea players:

Isak Ssewankambo (2012–2014)

Isak Ssewankambo - Chelsea players from Sweden

Isak Ssewankambo is one of the Swedish Chelsea players who has had a defender position for 2 years of The Blues’ squad (2012-2014).

He joined the English Premier League team at the age of 14 after spending time training and playing at FK Goteborg and Larje Angereds. His journey was somewhat shorter than those of his two Swedish compatriots above. But there is no doubt that his talent at performance is somewhat outstanding for that generation. That was acknowledged by teammates during his time when Ssewankambo played in the club’s Reserves and Academy.

Marko Mitrović (2008–2011)

Marko Mitrović

The final name in the list of Chelsea Swedish players since 2010 is Marko Mitrović. He has gone through two phases in his career with the Blues, namely from his youth career to his senior career. Right from the first days on the field, the Swede forward made a stir with his strong personality. He is a name mentioned in the 2010s of Chelsea with the potential to create attraction in the Premier League.

Regrettably, his journey at STamford Bridge didn’t go smoothly in the 2010/11 season when he faced a serious ankle ligament injury decimated. All in all, the arrival of this Swedish player helped the English club win the FA Youth Cup in 2010. It was a landmark event with an equalizing goal against Aston Villa in a two-legged final.

The article above has kept you updated about Swedish Chelsea players. All of them are young players with a passion for playing on the youth team. Which guy from Northern Europe do you impress? If you are interested in the players so far as well as related news about them at the Blues then follow us at Chelsea Wiki.

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