Man Utd vs Chelsea Trophies Last 10 Years (2022 Updated)

Do you want to compare Man Utd vs Chelsea trophies last 10 years? Chelsea and Manchester United have won 16 and 14 major championships, respectively, since Roman Abramovich acquired the club in 2003. In the FA Cup, Chelsea and Man Utd will square off for the fourth year running.

Man Utd vs Chelsea trophies last 10 years

Man Utd vs Chelsea trophies last 10 years

Here are comparison tables of Man Utd vs Chelsea trophies last 10 years.

Chelsea vs Man Utd trophies comparison – Domestic leagues

Leagues Chelsea Man Utd
Premier League 6 20
FA Cup 8 12
English League Cup 5 5
FA Community Shields 4 21

Man Utd has won twenty Premier League titles, twelve FA Cups, and five League Cups. They also have twenty-one Community Shield victories. Chelsea, on the other hand, has won 6 Premier League championships. In addition, they have four Community Shields, five League cups, and eight FA Cups. Man Utd has won more domestic cups than Chelsea, as you can see from the table.

Chelsea vs Man Utd trophies comparison – international leagues

Leagues Chelsea Man City
UEFA Champions League 2 2
UEFA Europa League  2 1
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup 2 1
UEFA Super Cup  2 1
FIFA Club World Cup 1 1
Total 9 6


The trophy comparison between Chelsea and Man Utd in overseas leagues is obviously different. The Blues, who have won nine trophies in total, appear to fare better abroad. They won the inaugural UEFA Europa League, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, and UEFA Super Cup championships twice each. They also won the FIFA Club World Cup championship in 2021. 

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Related questions to Man Utd vs Chelsea

Man Utd vs Chelsea trophies

Who has the better attackers between Chelsea and Manchester United?

To determine the top strikers for each side, we look at goals scored, shots on goal, and an unusual metric called predicted goal value (Xg value – measures the probability of a chance to turn into a goal.)

Chelsea has 24 shots on goal and eight goals so far this season. Manchester United had 28 shots on goal and 8 goals. Raheem Sterling, who has three goals, and Kai Havertz, who has one goal, are Chelsea’s top two players. 2.95 and 1.32 are their 90-minute anticipated goal values. Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho are Manchester United’s top two players, each scoring three goals. They have 1.82 and 1.01 anticipated goals per 90 minutes. Manchester United, in our opinion, has more talented offensive players than Manchester United.

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Who has a better defense between Chelsea and Manchester United?

Manchester United currently has the superior defense. The team as a whole has 302 interceptions and 33 blocks in total. Lisandro Martinez and Scott McTominay are Manchester United’s top two defenders.

Thiago Silva and Kalidou Koulibaly are the top two defenders for Chelsea. According to these figures, Manchester United boasts what we consider to be the best defense right now.

Who has a stronger midfield between Chelsea and Manchester United?

It’s difficult to gauge a team’s midfield strength. Manchester United has a Pass Progression Value (PPV) of 0.21, whereas Chelsea has a value of 0.35. N’Golo Kante has a total value of 0.8 for the Chelsea team, whereas Bruno Fernandes is the top player for the Manchester United squad.


Above is our comparison of Man Utd vs Chelsea trophies last 10 years. Both Chelsea and Man Utd are powerful, well-known, and elite clubs in the English football league. They have received numerous admiring accolades and prizes from admirers all across the world. We are eagerly anticipating the Chelsea and Man Utd’s upcoming head-to-head games.

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