How Many English Players in Chelsea in the 2022/23 Season?

Chelsea has confirmed the official squad for the coming 2022/23 season after a lot of effort rebuilding the team. How many English players in Chelsea for this season? Take a quick look at the list of English talents, who are going to devote themselves to the upcoming champions for the Blues with ChelseaWiki.

Overview of Chelsea English players in the 2022/23 season


how many english players in chelsea? 11 players in total
English players in Chelsea

This summer Chelsea has 11 English players in their main squad. Over the last year, Chelsea had undergone a very challenging season with the departure of several key players. The German manager Thomas Tuchel has admitted that his team needs to “rebuild” this summer. He said, “We are rebuilding, not improving the squad”. As the game is always challenging, the Blues is always up to challenges.

Check out the list of 11 English players at Chelsea in the following list:

No Name Position
1 Marcus Bettinelli Goalkeeper
2 Ben Chilwell Defender
3 Reece James Defender
4 Ross Barkley Midfielder
5 Trevoh Chalobah  Midfielder
6 Carney Chukwuemeka Midfielder
7 Conor Gallagher Midfielder
8 Ruben Loftus-Cheek Midfielder
9 Mason Mount Midfielder
10 Callum Hudson-Odoi Forward
11 Raheem Sterling Forward

A quick look at English players at Chelsea

Whether or not the English football players can bring the champion for the Blues this season 2022/23? Take a quick look at the profile of Chelsea Engish players and make a prediction yourself. 

Marcus Bettinelli

marcus bettinelli
English Goalkeeper of Chelsea – Marcus Bettinelli

Being born on May 24, 1992, Marcus Bettinelli is an English goalkeeper who currently competes for Premier League team Chelsea. He has received a call-up for the senior team and has earned a cap for the England under-21 team. 

Bettinelli started to join Chelsea in July 2021.  In Jan 2022, he had an impressive debut in the 5–1 FA Cup third-round victory over National League side Chesterfield at Stamford Bridge.

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Marcus Bettinelli is a great shot-stopper with fantastic reflexes and is very quick and agile. 

Ben Chilwell

Ben Chilwell chasing the ball in a match
Chilwell chasing the ball in a match

Ben Chilwell has joined Chelsea FC on August 26 2020 with a signed five-year contract.

The Chelsea English player is excellent at playing on the defensive end of the field. He prefers to attack from left-back, contributing with assists and the occasional goal. Chilwell is a modern full-back with excellent technique. He can recover speed quickly in defensive transition.

Ben Chilwell is confident when the ball is at his feet. Prior to driving forward and leading his team up the field, he likes to push on and receive passes further up or wide the field.

Reece James

Reece James in a football match
Reece James

James currently plays as a right-back for Chelsea FC. The young English player is excellent at full-back and wing-back. Reece James was born in 1999 and has 16 years of training.

So he possesses great experience of playing in midfield. He is ready to play in the Premier League in the position where he has slightly more time on the ball. 

Ross Barkley

ross barkley celebrated a goal
Ross Barkley

Being born on 5 December 1993, Ross Barkley is one of the English football players for the Blues. The attacking midfielder has already made 150 Premier League appearances for Everton, which is such an impression on many of us.

Ross Barkley owns an explosive style of aggressive running and long-range shooting. He runs fast and is always powerful during the games. 

Ross Barkley’s ability will certainly contribute to the wonderful coming matches for Chelsea. 

Trevoh Chalobah

Trevoh Chalobah on the pitch
Trevoh Chalobah – An English Player of Chelsea

Chelsea has a lot of young players including Trevoh Chalobah, who is an English professional footballer playing as a center-back or defensive midfielder.

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After rising through the youth ranks, he made his debut in senior football in 2018 with the first of three loan stints. He was then recalled to Chelsea as a member of Thomas Tuchel’s squad for the start of the 2021/22 season, where he made an immediate impact with a mix of calmness and passion at the back.

Chalobah is excellent at pushing up against forwards and wingers dropping into the half-spaces. His athleticism, pressing ability, and long legs will help Chelsea master the upcoming game. 

Carney Chukwuemeka

carney chukwuemeka
Carney Chukwuemeka

Born in 2003, Carney Chukwuemeka is one of the youngest English players playing for Chelsea as a midfielder. 

Carney Chukwuemeka is young but the 18-year-old is a strong runner with a unique combination of superb close control and perceptive off-the-ball movement.

People are looking forward to seeing the most exciting talented football player in action at Stamford Bridge this 2022/23 season.

Conor Gallagher

Connor Gallagher in a football match
Connor Gallagher

The 22-year-old English football player Conor Gallagher also plays for Chelsea Football Club this season. The right-footed player can fill a variety of central midfield positions. 

He has a great ability to manage his speed and invite his teammates to shoot. Gallagher plays a crucial part in Chelsea’s defensive scheme and promisingly helps the team recover the ball high on the field.

Ruben Loftus-Cheek

A picture of Ruben Loftus in a match

Ruben Loftus-Cheek is known for his talent for controlling games and playing in attack. He has played as a box-to-box midfielder since 8-year-old. 

Ruben has great technique, he’s big, strong, and quick.  He always plays magnificently on the pitch. A few Chelsea football players caught more eyes than him.

The 26-year-old midfielder will be a potential for Chelsea in the next games. 

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Mason Mount

Mason Mount put a smile on his face on a match
Mason Mount on a football match

Having been training at Chelsea Club at the age of six, Mason Mount is always a great attacking midfielder. He is able to play in any of the central midfield roles. His greatest strength is going from box to box.  Mason Mount and his ability will fit in a variety of positions within the team.

Callum James Hudson-Odoi

A picture of Callum Hudson-Odoi

Callum James Hudson-Odoi is also one of the English players at Chelsea. He plays a winger for the team.

Callum James Hudson-Odoi holds an excellent skillset in football work. He possesses the capacity to beat an opponent when necessary by dribbling out of confined situations. When going from the left and opening his body to finish into the far corner with his right foot, Hudson-Odoi is at his finest.

However, there is a rumor that Callum Hudson-Odoi would leave Chelsea before the transfer window close. We are looking forward to the final confirmation. 

Raheem Sterling


Sterling is one of the  Chelsea English players, who compete for the Premier League club and the England national team as a winger and offensive midfielder.

What makes Sterling an attractive signing to the German manager is his ability to consistently score goals. Moreover, Sterling has excellent movement ability

Raheem Sterling will be integral to Chelsea’s upcoming successes.


You have taken a quick look at English players in Chelsea Football Club and got the answer to the question “how many English players in Chelsea?”. We are looking forward to the supper matches from the Blues this season and seeing how their English players perform on the pitch.  Regularly visit ChelseaWiki to get news and updates on the Blues.

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