Edouard Mendy goalkeeper: Chelsea’s Talent Guard

Edouard Mendy goalkeeper is recognized as a world-class goalkeep by his impressive performances. He currently plays as a goalkeeper for the Chelsea football team. Perhaps not surprising that Mendy is recognized by the fans as the best “Tall Doorkeeperat Chelsea and around the world today.  If you are interested in this Chelsea goalkeeper,  this article will tell you more about about his profile and football career. 

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Mendy Goalkeeper profile summary

Mendy Goalkeeper

Mendy goalkeeper is definitely one of the best goalkeepers of the Chelsea era. His appearance as a hand pulled the Blues from the pathetic goals. 

He went through many ups and downs in a football career that seemed to stop playing. But the fate of great football is in dire need of this talented player. Here’s some factual information about him.

Full name Edouard Osoque Mendy
Nickname  Tall Doorkeeper
Date of birth 1 March 1992
Age 30 (as of April 2022)
Zodiac Pisces
Nationality Montivilliers, France
Height in centimeters 197
Weight in kilograms 93

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How tall is Edouard Mendy?

Mendy Chelsea goalkeeper’s height is 197 cm. This is his outstanding advantage when using long arms to catch the ball in difficult positions. Good height combined with the ability to reflect and concentrate highly helps the French goalkeeper master each phase of the ball and guard the goal.

Besides the outstanding height, he also owns a weight of 93 kg which makes his appearance extremely muscular in the Chelsea squad. He must have had a proper diet and exercise routine. The goalkeeper’s appearance on the pitch provided fans with valuable moments of talent and catching technique.

Where is Edouard Mendy from?

The Chelsea goalkeeper was born on 1 March 1992 in Montivilliers, France. His family is middle class in society.

From a young age, he was supported by his family to pursue a football career. Probably, his passion made his parents proud. So, when Chelsea’s keeper was only 7 years old, his family registered his name in the Le Havre Caucriauville football club.

Mendy’s mother was from Senegal and her late father was from the Republic of Guinea-Bissau. The keeper of the Chelsea citadel is a French and Senegalese citizen. 

The keeper is an amalgamation of different origins from his father and mother. That’s why the religion of the African goalkeeper is ambiguous. There are different opinions that he is a Muslim or maybe a Christian.

Edouard Mendy current teams 

mendy goalkeeper current teams

Current team  Chelsea FC
Position Goalkeeper
Jersey number 16

Edouard Mendy goalkeeper contributed the impressive accomplishments of a city keeper in the matches with Chelsea.

Salary, Net worth, Transfer fee, and Contract

Networth £7,196,800
Weekly Wage £52,000
Yearly Salary £2,704,000
Dates joined September 24th, 2020
Transfer fee £22 million
Contract term 5 years

Mendy has officially become one of the Chelsea goalkeepers from a successful transfer under manager Frank Lampard. In fact, the arrival of the French keeper implicitly took the place of Kepa who was in disarray at Stamford Bridge.

Edouard Mendy Career

chelsea goalkeeper list

The talented keeper has had admirable achievements in his career. The Senegalese international was named one of the best goalkeepers at Chelsea.

Before Chelsea

Achievements and individual awards

Although having the same age as Marcus Bettinelli, Mendy seems like having more skills with impressive performance. Anh here is what he won throughout his career!

With his excellent skills, Mendy is also the name that is considered to succeed the captain of Chelsea.


Edouard Mendy Stats

News and rumors

Edouard Mendy wife

This keeper is completely famous for keeping his private life secret. He has a family and his wife’s name is Belinda. The Chelsea player has always kept his wife safe in public. Although the Chelsea goalkeeper is not public, their relationship is really happy.

Is Benjamin Mendy related to Edouard Mendy?

Benjamin Mendy and Edouard Mendy

Mendy and Benjamin Mendy were not related. It seems that their surnames and appearances are similar, but the truth is that the two players come from two completely different clubs.

Mendy Goalkeeper way to prevent the ball

He is a goalkeeper who is very good at making use of his appearance and observation skills. He knows how to flexibly use both his hands and feet to increase his agility and focus on controlling the path of the ball to the goal. It can be said that goalkeeper number 16 Chelsea always has a flexible phase, reaching out to the high ball.

The article above mentioned some information about Edouard Mendy goalkeeper. Of course, with his outstanding ability, He will bring a special performance for fans. If you love this great goalkeeper or his journey with other players at Chelsea. Stay tuned with us at Chelsea Wiki.

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