Chelsea Vs Man City Trophies: A Comprehensive Comparison

Chelsea vs Man City trophies comparison is one of the hottest topics that fans of the English football are interested. Two football teams are the top team of English football system. They are fraught with awards and cups over the years. Have you ever wondered, betwewn Chelsea vs Man City, which team has more trophies. This blog post from Chelseawiki will you a comprehensive comparsion.

Who has more trophies between Man City and Chelsea?

Overvall, when it comes to major competition, Chelsea has more trophies than Man City with the total number of 32, meanwhile, Manchester City has 31. In domestic leagues, Man City is the winner. But in international leagues, Chelsea performs better. From the table below, ChelseaWiki will help you clarify the answer to the question who has more trophies between Man City and Chelsea?

chelsea vs man city trophies comparison
Chelsea Vs Manchester City: trophies comparison

Chelsea vs Man City trophies comparion – Domestic leagues

Leagues Chelsea Man City
Premier League 6 8
FA Cup 8 6
English League Cup 5 8
FA Community Shields 4 6
Total 23 30

Man City vs Chelsea Trophies has come out on top for 8 Premier League championships, 6 FA Cups, 8 League cups. They have additionally won 6 Community Shields. On the other side, Chelsea has 6 Premier League titles. They additionally have 8 FA Cup, 5 League cups, and 4 Community Shields. As you can see the from the table about Man City has earned more domestic cups than Chelsea. Manchester City has turned into an extraordinary club since the appearance of Pep Guardiola. The Spanish director has proactively come out on top for three Premier League. Chelsea has not figured out how to win a prize since the takeoff of Mauricio Sarri in 2019.

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Chelsea vs Man City trophies comparion – international leagues

Leagues Chelsea Man City
UEFA Champions League 2 0
UEFA Europa League  2 0
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup 2 1
UEFA Super Cup  2 0
FIFA Club World Cup 1 0
Total 9 1

How about the international leagues? Chelsea and Man City who has more trophies? Clearly, in the international leagues, Chelsea vs Man City trophies comparison is different. The Blues seemingly perform better in the international arena, who has 9 trophies in total. In detail, they earned the first titles for UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, and UEFA Super Cup twice each. In addition, they also won the first title in FIFA Club World Cup in 2021. Meanwhile, Man City only won the first title in UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1969-1970 season. 

Please note that our compiled number may be different from other pages because we only calculated the main leagues from reliable sites like WikiPedia

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Related questions to Chelsea vs Man City

At present, Manchester City has a superior 1vs1 exhibition record with 100. Chelsea has 69 objectives, and Manchester City has a sum of 80 goals. Our viewpoint is that right now. Manchester City would dominate the game.

Chelsea and Man City head to head
Chelsea and Man City head to head

Who Has The Better Safeguard?

Right now, Chelsea has the better protection. Through the whole group, they have a sum of 1519 interferences and 137 squares. The two top protective players in Chelsea are Thiago Silva and Antonio Ruediger.

In Manchester City, the two top protectors are Rodri and Joao Cancelo. Given these measurements, we accept that Chelsea has right now the best safeguard. Chelsea versus Manchester City – who has the better midfield? Assessing the strength of a group’s midfield is difficult. At 1vs1, we take a gander at a worth called Pass Progression Value (PPV). We measure the capacity of players to play the pass into unsafe zones and make possibilities. Manchester City has a PPV worth 0.4, and Chelsea has a value of 0.35. Inside the group Manchester City, Joao Cancelo has a total price of 0.91, and in the group Chelsea, the best player is Reece James.

Who Has The Better Attackers?

To break down the best strikers of groups, we gander at how many objectives, shots on goal, and a fascinating measurement called expected objective worth (Xg esteem – measure the likelihood of an opportunity to transform into a dream.) Chelsea has scored this season up to 69 objectives and 190 shots on the objective. Manchester City scored 80 and 218 images on the goal.

The two best players for Chelsea are Mason Mount with ten objectives and Romelu Lukaku with seven goals. Their average dream worth each hour and a half is 8.3 and 7.44. The two best players of Manchester City are Raheem Sterling with 12 objectives and Riyad Mahrez with 11 goals. Their ordinary dream worth each hour and a half is 13.26 and 9.57. Our perspective is that Manchester City has the preferable hostile players over Chelsea.

We accept that Manchester City is the better group right now, given all measurable data. If it’s not too much trouble, go ahead and talk about it with us – the remark box is beneath. We will be glad to answer.

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Both Chelsea and Man City are strong, famous, prestigious clubs of English football system. They have won many wonderful tittles and awards that fans around the world do admire.  We are looking forward to the next head to head matches between the Blues and the Citizens.

You have read about Chelsea vs Man City trophies comparison. Follow ChelseaWiki to read more interesting information about Chelsea Football Club.

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