Chelsea vs Liverpool Trophies: Which Team is Better?

When comparing Chelsea vs Liverpool trophies, which team do you think is the better? This season, Liverpool and Chelsea have faced off four times, with each meeting ending in a draw. But Liverpool has won on penalties in each of the last two cup finals.

The Reds have another taste of success and could have more, while Chelsea has none. The League Cup final in February featured a marathon of 22 kicks. Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson ultimately denied Chelsea’s Mason Mount before the surreal figure of backup left defender Kostas Tsimikas won the FA Cup for Liverpool. Let’s figure out who is the better team in this article!

Chelsea vs Liverpool trophies

chelsea vs liverpool trophies
Chelsea vs Liverpool trophies

Based on all available statistics, we think Liverpool FC is now the superior team.

Domestic leagues

Leagues Chelsea Liverpool 
Premier League 6 9
FA Cup 8 8
English League Cup 5 9
FA Community Shields 4 16
Total 23 42

According to the table, Liverpool has won more domestic championships than Chelsea. Liverpool has won nine Premier League titles, eight FA Cups, and nine league Cups. They also have sixteen Community Shield victories. Chelsea, on the other hand, has won 6 Premier League championships. In addition, they have four Community Shields, five League cups, and eight FA Cups.

International leagues

Leagues Chelsea Liverpool 
UEFA Champions League 2 6
UEFA Europa League  2 3
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup 2 0
UEFA Super Cup  2 4
FIFA Club World Cup 1 1
Total 9 14

The trophy comparison between Chelsea and Liverpool in overseas leagues is obviously different. Liverpool appears to fare better internationally as well, winning fourteen trophies in total. They specifically won the inaugural UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Cup Winners’ Cup, and Super Cup trophies.

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Related questions about Chelsea vs Liverpool

Chelsea vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Liverpool

Who has a stronger defense between Chelsea and Liverpool FC?

Chelsea currently has the superior defense. They have a combined total of 276 interceptions and 30 blocks as a team.

Thiago Silva and Kalidou Koulibaly are the top two defenders for Chelsea.

Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez are the two top defenders for Liverpool FC.

We think Chelsea currently has the greatest defense based on these stats.

Who has the superior midfield between Chelsea and Liverpool FC?

It’s difficult to gauge a team’s midfield strength. We look into something called the Pass Progression Value at 1vs1 (PPV). We assess a player’s aptitude for playing the pass into risky circumstances and openings. Chelsea and Liverpool FC both have PPV values of 0.35 and 0.41, respectively. Trent Alexander Arnold, a member of Liverpool FC, has a total value of 1.33, whereas N’Golo Kante represents Chelsea as having the best player.

Whose attackers are more effective?

To determine the top strikers for each side, we look at goals scored, shots on goal, and an intriguing statistic called predicted goal value.

Chelsea has 24 shots on goal and eight goals so far this season. Liverpool FC had 42 shots on goal and 15 goals.

Raheem Sterling, who has three goals, and Kai Havertz, who has one goal, are Chelsea’s top two players. 2.95 and 1.32 are their 90-minute anticipated goal values.

Luis Fernando Diaz Marulanda and Roberto Firmino are Liverpool FC’s top two scorers each with three goals each. Their respective 90-minute anticipated goal values are 3.55 and 3.31.

In our perspective, Liverpool FC has more offensively talented players than Chelsea.


Above is our comparison of Chelsea vs Liverpool trophies. Do you agree with us on this result? Please let us know what you think by using the comment area below. We will respond with pleasure. For more information about the most well-known football team, visit Chelseawiki!

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