Chelsea Transfer Targets List: Who Was on Their Radar in 2022?

Who is on the Chelsea transfer targets list 2022?  Although Chelsea’s squad is very strong in order to increase the certainty of maintaining success in the new season, the Blues needs to upgrade the squad. The transfer market is always competitive and interesting. The summer window of 2022 has been closed. Take a look back at who is on Chelsea’s transfer target list for 2022 and which contract was complete.

Chelsea transfer targets list 2022

Chelsea transfer targets list 2022

The England football club began the player transfer period with the amount of money spent to acquire high-value transfer stars in the summer of 2022. To be honest, Chelsea is very willing to make a move to bring out the best squad for their team. Here are some highlights of the top 5 players in the Chelsea 2022 summer transfer.

Kalidou Koulibaly

Kalidou Koulibaly Chelsea

In case, the club faced a shortage of key striker positions because of the inability to keep Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen after their contracts ended. The club has set expectations for defender Koulibaly.

He is on the Chelsea defender transfer targets list summer of 2022, so they did not hesitate much to agree to Napoli’s £34 million price. Predictably, the appearance of this player partly changes the Blues’ new achievements.

The player Kalidou Koulibaly’s transfer went without a hitch.  Certainly, Chelsea will benefit immensely thanks to Kalidou’s high caliber and expertise this time. Naturally, the presence of this player modifies some of the Blues’ recent accomplishments.

Christopher Nkunku

Christopher Nkunku Chelsea transfer targets list 22/23

Chelsea’s young force is quite a lot, but certainly not ripe enough to have a strong squad on many fronts, especially towards big goals like the Premier League, and Champions League. For that reason, Christopher Nkunku is the name this club wants to add to its squad on the summer transfer target list in 2022.

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The England club is very interested in acquiring this player with a huge amount of 100 million pounds. He is a striker with a distinct professional style. He can take on many different roles such as attacking midfielder, winger, etc. Despite his young age, this talent plays very successfully and has a lot of potential for major tournaments.

Unfortunately, Christopher Nkunku rejected the offer from both Chelsea and MU after the window transfer 2022 closed.

Nathan Ake

Nathan Ake

The next position in the squad that Chelsea was targeting is Nathan Ake, a Man City player.

Why is this player so drawn to powerful teams? Undoubtedly, he is a skillful center defender who can play multiple defensive roles. During his four years at Bournemouth, he made 121 appearances in all competitions, scoring 11 goals. In the Netherlands shirt, Ake appeared in 13 matches and scored twice. His reputation was established as a result, and he becomes famous.

Because of Nathan Ake’s skill, Manchester United and Manchester City are also interested in signing this defender. Chelsea spoke with Man City about signing Nathan Ake in order to meet the transfer objective. But finally, Nathan Ake chose to play for Man City.

Jules Kounde

Jules Kounde Chelsea transfer

Jules Kounde was predicted to be Chelsea’s first successful franchise target in the summer of 2022. If you’re looking for one of the hottest deals in the 2022 summer transfer market, Kounde is definitely there. He set one foot on Chelsea but then decided to turn to Barcelona because Xavi Hernandez convinced him.

Analyzing the aspects of time and circumstances, the club offered a £42 million price tag for Kounde. This is a difference when compared to the price that Sevilla offered £67 million. Perhaps, the club must have a promise and plan to be able to recruit this player – the pearl in the European center-back village.

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Raheem Sterling

chelsea transfer targets list today
Raheem Sterling

Finally, the top 5 transfer targets list has to mention Raheem Sterling. He is a player at Manchester City. The career of this player is distinguished by his high achievements in the Premier League.

He is a person who possesses superior football skills in many different positions. There is no doubt that the Chelsea transfer target list this summer has a lot of potentials.

This club agreed in the transfer process with this player for £56 million for the remaining 1 year of his contract. This is a transfer target with their investment and expectation.

Final Thought

Those on Chelsea’s list of transfer targets have the qualities the club is looking for. Maybe, they are the missing part to play together to bring good results in the new season 2022 – 2023. Chelsea fans still have high hopes for their beloved club to come back stronger this season.

The volatility of their squad is a challenge at the moment. But with a thorough calculation and specific goals, they will probably recruit ” talented” targets during their transfer. Indeed, with the amount of money spent to buy players, The Blues is indeed a team that is ready to cherish and recognize the talents of players.

So we hope that the article about the Top 5 Chelsea Transfer Targets List 2022 has also partly given you a clear understanding of their goals and intentions. Regardless of the transfer target, Chelsea always strengthens the squad and looks for more development solutions in the future.
If you are interested in The Blues’ journey and achievements, stay tuned to for more news updates.

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