10 Must-know Chelsea Highest Transfer Fees Ever

Chelsea transfer fees are one of the topics that many football fans are interested in.  Known as one of the richest English football teams, the Blues is willing to spend money on talented players for their squad. After digging into their transfer history, we have curated a list of the top 10 Chelsea highest transfer fees of all time. Let’s dive in!

Top 10 Chelsea highest transfer fees

Romelu Lukaku – £97.7m (Inter, 2021)

Chelsea transfer fees

When it comes to Chelsea transfer fees, Lukaku can not be out of the list. The player holds the Chelsea transfer record fee in Chelsea history ever. This young talent is sought after as an outstanding football striker with professional skills. The England Club signed a five-year contract with the talented player in the summer of 2021. He has the physical advantage and strength that helps him shape the course of the game to create opportunities for teammates and contribute to the team by Accurate and smart dribbling.

Individual trophies Romelu Lukaku, such as:

Kai Havertz – £72m (Leverkusen, 2020)

chelsea highest deal 2022

Havertz is known for one of Chelsea highest transfer fees. At the age of 21, he was already Leverkusen’s potential. German players are often allowed to play early and it is the difference and talent that has brought the Havertz player into the sights of the football club.

In the Champions League final against Manchester City, Kai Havert Chelsea scored the only goal of the game to bring the trophy back to London, so Chelsea will see the deal as well-deserved. With the features available, Havertz can live up to Chelsea’s expectations.

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Kepa Arrizabalaga – £71m (Athletic Bilbao, 2018)

Chelsea top transfer fees

Kepa Arrizabalaga goalkeeper is one of Chelsea highest transfer fees ever. What’s more, this number would make Kepa the most expensive goalkeeper in history. His name was covered in all the Chelsea FC transfer news at that time.

He enrolled his name at the time of his career development in 2019-2020. Kepa has a good fighting spirit. It shows that this goalkeeper has a strong will and spirit. His save percentage is among the lowest of any goalkeeper in the league.

Alvaro Morata – £60m (Real Madrid, 2017)

the Blues record fee

Striker Alvaro Morata was acquired by The Blues for a franchise price belonging to one of the players with the highest transfer fee in the England club. The contract has a term of five years. Morata was a talismanic figure with specialist instincts, such as: having her great skill, speed, strength, and technique. He’s one of the top strikers in the world. The transfer fee is completely suitable and worthy for this talent.

Christian Pulisic – £57m (Dortmund, 2019)

Chelsea transfer record fee

With this contract, Chelsea player Christian Pulisic has officially become the third highest fee player after Kepa Arrizabalaga and Alvaro Morata, when it comes to history. Pulisic’s talent was slow at first, but now the American winger has become one of the most dangerous forwards in the Premier League. But he needs to work harder to give his talent a chance if he is to succeed on the pitch generally.

Fernando Torres – £50m (Liverpool, 2011)

Chelsea fc players transfer fees

Torres became the target of Chelsea’s hunt in the winter transfer. This club still forked out an English record fee at the time to recruit talent. He did not perform as well as expected. It’s possible that his form was a bit down at that time. It took him nearly 1,000 minutes to net his first Chelsea goal, and whilst 45 goals and 35 assists in 175 appearances aren’t bad. He simply wasn’t as good as the club hoped he would be.

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Jorginho – £50m (Napoli, 2018)

Chelsea transfer fees

Jorginho is also one of the Chelsea top transfer fees. He signed for The Blues in 2018. The Italian international is one of Sarri’s most admirable players at Napoli. He always makes a difference through his talent and impression on the pitch. Famous for his ability to organize his play, Jorginho is a midfielder who always has the most accurate long passes and the highest pass success rate in the world. His performances are truly captivating. He held the UEFA Player of the Year trophy after assisting The Blues to the Champions League.

Timo Werner – £47.5m (RB Leipzig, 2020)

Timo Werner transfer record fee

The German had the contract with The Blues in the summer of 2020. With the expectation of stepping up to the top of fame with Chelsea in the new club, Timo Werner immediately showed his ability with a goal in his first game. But then, his downhill talent made him face simple situations such as just touching the ball to get a goal, but Timo Werner still missed extremely, unfortunately.

Raheem Sterling – £47.3m (Man City, 2022)

top transfer fee ever at Chelsea

In the summer of the 2022 season, Raheem Sterling was the first Chelsea player transfer in. This player is the best choice to fill the missing attacking position in Chelsea’s squad. His transfer fee is also one of Chelsea’s top transfer fees. The summer transfer market in 2022 is hot with Chelsea’s willingness to splurge to recruit talent.

Ben Chilwell – £45m (Leicester, 2020)

chelsea transfer fees 2022

The player became a Chelsea player in the summer of 2020. Ben Chilwell footballer is highly regarded for his play at left-back or in a hybrid role on the left side of the field. Chelsea has received valuable results with a high transfer fee for the player. In particular, he was a mainstay at the time when the Blues defeated Manchester City 1-0 in the Champions League final in 2021.

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The above article has summed up Chelsea highest transfer fees. To be honest, they are valuable talents with such a high transfer fee. If you’re a fan of the Chelsea players and want to learn more about them, follow us at Chelsea Wiki.

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