Top 5 Chelsea’s Biggest Loss in Their History

Do you know any Chelsea’s biggest loss? Since Roman Abramovich assumed control of the club, Chelsea FC has not had a lot of losing seasons. Additionally, Chelsea consistently ranked in the Top 6 even before the takeover. However, there have been some significant losses in the past. Here, we examine the biggest losses suffered by Chelsea FC. 

Chelsea’s biggest ever home defeat

chelsea's biggest loss
Chelsea’s biggest loss

Chelsea has never lost at home by more than four goals. With three distinct scorelines, this has occurred eight times. Three times, the Blues have come up short by a score of 2-6: against Nottingham Forest on September 20, 1986; Southampton on September 2, 1967; and Burnley on October 22, 1960.

Twice, against Watford on May 5, 1986, and Wolverhampton Wanderers on April 30, 1960, they suffered home defeats of 1-5. Additionally, Chelsea has lost three games at home by a score of 4-0. These were incurred when they played West Ham (March 29, 1986), Wimbledon (December 6, 1986), and Sheffield Wednesday (5 December 1959).

Chelsea’s biggest ever away defeat

The largest away loss for Chelsea was by a score of six. Three times in recorded history, losing to Wolverhampton Wanderers 8-1 in the 1953–1954 season, Leeds United 7–0 in 1967–1968, and Nottingham Forest 7–0 in 1990–1991.

Chelsea’s biggest loss in Premier League 

chelsea fc biggest loss in Premier League
chelsea fc biggest loss in Premier League

Chelsea recently suffered its heaviest Premier League loss at the hands of Manchester City. On February 10, 2019, Raheem Sterling scored a brace, Sergio Aguero scored a hat-trick, and Ilkay Gundogan scored the final goal in a 6-0 loss at The Etihad. The outcome marked the start of Maurizio Sarri’s departure from the team.

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Chelsea’s biggest ever European defeat

On May 25, 1966, Chelsea suffered their biggest defeat in Europe when it lost to Barcelona in the Fairs Cup, which is now known as the Europa League. After Chelsea overcame a 2-0 deficit in the second leg of the semi-final, a replay was required.

Barcelona won the coin toss and chose to play at home, winning 5-0.

Chelsea’s biggest ever Champions League defeat

Chelsea's biggest ever Champions League defeat

Both Chelsea’s largest European defeat and their worst Champions League loss occurred against Barcelona. This time, it happened during the quarterfinal round, and Chelsea lost 5-1 after extra time.

They prevailed 3-1 in the first leg, but in the second, they suffered their biggest Champions League loss ever. Luis Figo, Dani Garcia, and Patrick Kluivert each scored one goal, with two goals coming from Rivaldo.


Above are our statistics for Chelsea’s biggest loss. The 1953 defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers is Chelsea FC’s heaviest loss and worst defeat. In the First Division, Wolverhampton defeated the Blues 1-8.

Even though they came in second place, Wolverhampton Wanderers participated in the 1972 UEFA Cup Final (now known as the Champions League). Chelsea, on the other hand, was having difficulties at the time. This was made clear by Wolverhampton Wanderers’ 8-1 victory over them. In addition, visit Chelseawiki to update the latest news about football.

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