7+ Chelsea Best Defenders of All Time: Who and Why are They?

Chelsea Best Defenders – who are they? There is no doubt that Chelsea Football Club is one of the oldest and most famous football clubs in England. So far, the Blues have won the Premier League 6 times, won 8 FA Cups and 5 EFL Cups. Many famous players have come to play and make a name there, which includes legends in the team’s defence. If you are a fans of Chelsea and want to know more about this club, this blog is going to reveal you about 5 Chelsea best defenders of all the time.

Overview of the Chelsea club

Chelsea FC is a professionalEnglish football club that was founded in 1905 in London. The other name of this club is “The Blues”. This club is famous for its resounding success in major tournaments such as the English Premier League, FA Cups, EFL Cups, European Cups, and European Super Cup,… 

With all those successes that make The Blues so powerful. Surely, the efforts of the players and their dedication must be remembered and grateful to them. Besides the position of goalkeeper, midfielder, and central defender, … the defender is also a very important position. 

Chelsea best defenders of all time

Chelsea defenders all time are the players who play behind the midfield, effectively support and work well with the goalkeeper to ensure the safety of their team’s goal. They have outstanding physical strengths as well as good determination. Difficult situations require careful analysis and careful consideration to solve them well.

They have different positions in the back line: central defender; left-back, right-back, sweep-back, and attacking defender,…

Gary Cahill

chelsea defenders all time

When it comes to Chelsea best defenders, we have to mention the legendary figure, Gary Cahill. His career began to flourish from the moment he set foot in the England club. After 6 months of joining, he was honored to start in the final at the Allianz Arena and won the Champions League and FA Cup.

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The British national defender has won all the noble titles that many football legends can’t reach throughout their entire career. Defender of British nationality has achieved many noble titles worthy of a legend – excellent defender throughout his career.

Gary Cahill was a key factor in winning two more Premier League titles in 2015 and 2017, an English League Cup in 2015 and two Europa Leagues in 2013 and 2019. Furthermore, he’s made 290 appearance in total for Chelsea and scored 25 goals.

He has been shortlisted for “Professional Footballers Association Team of the Year” three times in 2014, 2015 and 2017.

John Terry

chelsea best players all time

Not only holding the title of Best Chelsea Players of All Time, but John Terry also is one of Chelsea’s Best defenders and has been a fan of many games during his career. At The Blues, he is an excellent former historian. Besides, John Terry later is a professional English football coach with top qualities and coaching.

Terry is a physically strong defender, tenacious, and smart, and thanks to his outstanding height seems unbeatable in the air. Thus, he is voted as one of the best Chelsea FC defenders ever.

He became the first captain to lift the Premier League trophy five times when he did so for the fifth time in 2017. Furthermore, Terry has won five FA Cups, three League Cups and three Super Cups.  And most importantly, he was the captain of the team that won its first championship in 2012.

Furthermore, John Terry is the third most capped player in the club’s history with 717 appearances behind Ron Harrison (795) and Peter Bonetti (729). In addition he earned the reward UEFA Club Defender of the Year on three occasions, in 2005 , 2008 and 2009.

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Ron Harris

Ron Harris
Ron Harris

Harris is a unique player for Chelsea fans. He stands out on the list of club legends, as he is the most capped player in the club’s history with a remarkable figure.  Ron Harris joined 795 games during his 18 years at the club.

Ronald “Chopper” Harris made his debut in 1962 at the age of 17, becoming the first captain in the club’s history to lift the FA Cup (1970) and the first to lift the trophy of 1971 UEFA Cup).

One of the all-time great defenders at Chelsea, he was nicknamed ‘Chopper’ for his style of play, including his rough tackles on the pitch. The memorable captain will forever be remembered as one of the best Chelsea defenders of all time.

Marcel Desailly

Marcel Desailly
Marcel Desailly – Chelsea best defenders of all time

Not only is Marcel Desailly considered one of the best Chelsea defenders of all time, he is also considered one of the greatest French footballers in history.

The legendary centre-back, who can also play as a defensive midfielder, joined Stamford Bridge in 1998 and remained there for six years.

He has won 1 UEFA Super Cup, 2 English Super Cups and 1 English FA Cup with The Blues, and is also the club’s captain. He has played for Chelsea more than any other club during his career with 217 appearances for the Blues.

Ashley Cole

The Blues best players

Ashley Cole is a defender who earned recognition as one of Chelsea best defenders in history after joining the team. Cole shows his class in the Blues through his speed skills, intelligence, and deft defense. He contributed greatly to the success of The Blues in the period 2006-2013 by performing to satisfy fans.

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After joining Chelsea, he won 10 major trophies with the Blues, including a Premier League title in 2010, four FA Cups, two Super Cups, one League Cup, one UEFA Europa League in 2010 and 2013 and above all, the 2012 UEFA Champions League.

Furthermore, he made a total of 338 appearances for the Blues which, along with scoring 7 goals and providing 38 assists, played a key role in achieving the mentioned award above.

Ricardo Carvalho

centre-back of the Blues

Ricardo Carvalho is one of the players to glorify the team in big games. Portuguese professional footballer who is considered one of the greatest defenders of modern times. This comes from the professional skill and thoughtful calculation of this player. He is extremely sharp in predicting situations and duels with flexible opponents.

Not only is he considered one of the most highly-rated defenders of his generation, but at The Blues, Carvalho is considered one of Chelsea best defenders.

Defender Carvalho was the one who scored 11 goals in the squad. In addition, the footballer also has excellent achievements with the team:

Cesar Azpilicueta

List of Chelsea best defenders of all time
Cesar Azpilicueta

Azpilicueta officially became a Chelsea player in 2012. During his time playing, he has proven his worth in the defense of the home team.  Cesar Azpilicueta Chelsea is a versatile player, able to play well as a full-back and a central defender in the Blues. He is recognized by the fans as one of Chelsea best defenders. Azpilicueta is an important factor in helping the club achieve many achievements in big competitions.

Above are the top Chelsea best defenders of all time. If you love them and want to find out about the football journey of these talented players then follow us at Chelsea Wiki for other interesting articles.

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