Aubameyang Chelsea: Profile & Stats at His New Club

As one of the top strikers in the modern football world, Aubameyang Chelsea is adored by many football fans. Moreover, many football teams want to have him in their squad. His appearance for the Blues makes fans more interested, the following article  from Chelsea FC Wiki will refer to Aubameyang profile, salary, wife, tattoos, and how is performing on the Stamford Bridge.

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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang profile

Aubameyang to Chelsea

Aubameyang football player comes to Chelsea team in season 2022/23 at a mature age. However, he does not fade, but the striker’s goal-scoring level is always something to be admired. To find out more about the Gabonese player, follow some basic information about him below

Full name Pierre-Emerick Emiliano François Aubameyang
Nickname Auba
Date of birth 18 June 1989
Age 33 (as in June 2022)
Position Striker
Nationality French, Gabonese
Religion Christianity
Height in centimeters 187
Weight in kilograms 80
Current team Chelsea

Where is Aubameyang from?

Who is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang? Aubameyang’s full name is Pierre – Emerick Emiliano François Aubameyang, the new rookie in Chelsea’s transfer in the 2022/23 season. Frankly, he’s from Laval, a town in western France. This is the hometown where he spent his happy childhood with his family. Aubameyang is one of the people who belong to the mixed ethnic group. He carries the blood of dual nationality French and Gabonese in his blood.

How old is Aubameyang Chelsea?

He was born on the 18th day of June 1989. As of now, Aubameyang age is 33. His childhood was associated with football traditions from the previous generation. Aubameyang played as a forward with professional football skills for the Blues. Moreover, he started his journey to conquer “goals” at the age of 6 at a local academy in north-western France at that time.

Height and weight

Undoubtedly, coming from a traditional football family, the Chelsea forward possesses a sports standard body. Currently, the 33-year-old player’s height and weight are 187cm and 80kg respectively. In addition to inheriting the dominant gene from his father in terms of height and physical strength, the striker also has a good lifestyle, diet, and exercise routine.

Chelsea Aubameyang Contract, Transfer fee,  Wages, and Net worth

Aubameyang football player in Chelsea is famous for its high-value properties. So what are his contract, wages, and net worth as of 2022?

Networth €55 million
Dates joined September 1, 2022
Transfer fee €14 million
Contract term 2 years

The Blues had to pay the Nou Camp team 14 million euros  plus Marcos Alonso in exchange for Aubameyang. Chelsea took a lot of work to convince Barca, when initially this team proposed 30 million euros without including Alonso in the agreement, when Chelsea wanted to have Aubameyang.

Aubameyang officially joined Chelsea with a 2-year contract and other conditions. Besides, his playing career so far is worth a net worth of €55 million. Aubameyang’s wage has not been updated on the official Chelsea football club but it’s probably among the top for his talent.

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Football Career

Aubameyang playstyle

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is currently one of the most perfect strikers in the world. There’s no doubting that. He possesses incredible speed that few can achieve, the strength and toughness inherent in every African player. In addition, the sharpness instinct is also a weapon that helps Aubameyang become powerful in the 16m50 area of each team. Judgment and decisiveness in making final decisions are the strengths of the Gabonese striker.

Achievements and individual awards

Best of all, Aubameyang of The Blues had some elite achievements in his playing career. The following achievements make him worthy of being regarded as one of the best strikers in the modern football era. Look back!

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang stats

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang stats 2022 Updated

News and rumors

Chelsea Aubameyang Wife, Girlfriend, and Son

Aubameyang Wife

Accompanied by top-notch players, Aubameyang is one of the Chelsea F.C. players with a romantic relationship. He is very comfortable with sharing his happy family life on social networks. Aubameyang’s wife is model Alysha Behague Aubameyang. She has a luxurious lifestyle with trendy clothing. Their love affair is sweet with two lovely sons: Curtis and Pierre. Indeed, his wife and children are the driving force that helps him to work hard in tough matches to the present.

Aubameyang car

Aubameyang car

Synonymous with Aubameyang’s income and net worth, we can see him easily owning huge assets from cars to houses. The striker’s lavish lifestyle is reflected in the “high values” he posts and uses often.

Besides the expensive £15 million seven-bedroom mansion in North London. He also owns a collection of high-class cars, from a £2 million Ferrari LaFerrari to a £150k Range Rover Sport, a £250k Aston Martin DB9 Volante 2,… Especially, Aubameyang Lamborghinis are two Aventador and two Urus.

Aubameyang slaps Arteta

Striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang emerged with the shocking news of his out-of-character act. He “slapped” the face of Mikel Arteta after violating the team rules. Unlikely, he paid the price for his momentary act by training alone with no chance to return to the first-team set-up until after the Africa Cup of Nations at that time.

Aubameyang tattoo

Aubameyang tattoo
Aubameyang tattoo

Aubameyang has a tattoo of himself in a no.14 Arsenal top with his two children walking down the tunnel at the Emirates Stadium on his right arm. He also has tattoos of Dragon Ball Z and a giant map of Africa on his back.

Aubameyang on his return to Chelsea

Unfortunately, the Gabon striker is not completely healthy because he has just had to face four robbers who broke into his home in Barcelona. On his debut at Chelsea, Aubameyang had to wear mask. Thanks to the presence of the 33-year-old, the season seems to have really begun for Chelsea.

Chelsea’s attack is weaker after Romelu Lukaku and Timo Werner left the team. Therefore, Aubameyang can be an ideal alternative in the next seasons.

The match in the group stage, against an inferior opponent in the Champions League, is a suitable opportunity for Aubameyang to play with new teammates. This player was very brave when choosing the “cursed” number 9 shirt of the Stamford Bridge team.

The above article has also reviewed the information about Aubameyang Chelsea. From the profile, salary, news, and rumors of him. If you are interested in this talented striker or other Chelsea players, then follow us at to update more articles.

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