Arsenal trophies vs Chelsea trophies: Comparison over the last 10 years

This article is to compare Arsenal trophies vs Chelsea trophies over the last 10 years. This season, both Chelsea and Arsenal have been operating with excellent organization. 

In contrast to the Gunners, who are vying to finish in the top half of the Premier League, the Blues have both a Champions League and an FA Cup final to look forward to this month. It indicates that Arsenal will play a season without participating in European competition for the first time in 25 years, which dates back to when Bruce Rioch was the manager.

Arsenal trophies vs Chelsea trophies

chelsea vs arsenal trophies
chelsea vs arsenal trophies

Overall, Chelsea has a total of 32 trophies, while Arsenal has 25. This means that when it comes to significant competition, Chelsea has more trophies than Arsenal. Arsenal is the league champion in the country. Chelsea does well in international leagues though. 

Chelsea vs Arsenal trophies comparison – Domestic leagues

Leagues Chelsea Arsenal 
Premier League 6 13
FA Cup 8 10
English League Cup 5 0
FA Community Shields 4 2
Total 23 25

Arsenal has come out on top for 13 Premier League championships and 10 FA Cups. They have additionally won 2 Community Shields. Chelsea, on the other hand, has won 6 Premier League championships. They additionally have 8 FA Cups, 5 League cups, and 4 Community Shields. As you can see from the table, Arsenal has won more domestic cups than Chelsea.

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Chelsea vs Arsenal trophies comparison – international leagues

Leagues Chelsea Arsenal 
UEFA Champions League 2 0
UEFA Europa League  2 0
UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup 2 0
UEFA Super Cup  2 0
FIFA Club World Cup 1 0
Total 9 0

The trophy comparison between Chelsea and Arsenal in international leagues is obviously different. 

The Blues, who have won nine trophies in total, appear to fare better abroad. They won the inaugural UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, and UEFA Super Cup championships twice each. They also won the inaugural FIFA Club World Cup championship in 2021. While Arsenal has no trophy in the international arena

Related questions about Chelsea vs Arsenal

chelsea vs arsenal
chelsea vs arsenal

Arsenal and Chelsea had played each other 178 times as of January 2013. Chelsea triumphed in 58 of these games while Arsenal won 68. Didier Drogba led all goal scorers with 13 goals, and Chelsea’s 5-0 victory in the 97–98 Football League Cup had the greatest winning margin.

Why is Arsenal better than Chelsea?

There has always been significant animosity between the fans of these two of London’s greatest and most successful clubs, even though they never saw each other as their main competitors. This animosity dates back to the 1930s. Large crowds would frequently attend their matches.

After Chelsea’s ascent to the Premier League’s elite class in the 2000s, when the two started to contend frequently for the league title, the rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea has more recently been recognized as a crucial derby.

In comparison to Chelsea, Arsenal has prevailed in around 38% of games, while Chelsea has done so in roughly 32%. About 30% of the games have ended in draws.

In the survey, Arsenal supporters ranked Chelsea above their longtime rivals Tottenham as the team they detested the most. Arsenal was ranked as the second-most-despised team by Chelsea supporters, only behind Liverpool.

Is Arsenal or Chelsea bigger?

The Blues are a more financially robust squad off the field and have been for some time.

With revenues of €469.7 million for their most recent season on record, Chelsea is ranked eighth globally in Deloitte’s Football Money League, while Arsenal is ranked eleventh with €388 million.


Above is our comparison of Arsenal trophies vs Chelsea trophies. Both Chelsea and Arsenal are powerful, well-known, and elite clubs in the English football league. They have received numerous admiring accolades and prizes from admirers all across the world. We are eagerly anticipating the Blues and Citizens’ upcoming head-to-head games. Don’t forget to come back to Chelseawiki for the latest news!

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